Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Though she with giants fights: Final abduction

"Help! I'm being strong-armed by a voice that seems to speak from right in front of me!" yelled Anica, desperately informing through bewildered, fevered screams, "Behind me!"

Hundreds of feet below her, Lara could barely make her beautiful and gifted schoolfriend out. She was a dot in the sky, her voice timbred through the lashing winds and downpour and arriving muted and distant to his ears. There was, at any rate, little she could do. Anica was rising higher still, held taught and ratcheted precisely to that invisible force. It was happening again, and Lara knew now, and believed in Anica's survival stories, her yarns of abduction that noone had taken seriously.

But Lara had become close to Anica in the two months since her arrival at the city's state funded elementary college, and as she was being taken now her powerlessness bore down as frustration and anger. She swore for her return as Anica disappeared entirely. Lightning cracked around. In this moment of loss Lara would have sworn to anyone that she loved her.