Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Though she with giants fights: Research

Flying Triangles of the Aurora Program, work started 1980s after recovery of Alien Technology at Roswell, New Mexico 1947. Sightings of TR3B however date back as early as 1924. International UFO Congress Laughlin, Nevada 1998 former Area 51 worker Edgar Rothschild Fouche stated development of Aurora funded by NSA, CIA and NRO. Moon landing filmed Area 51, replicant moon's environment near exact. Reverse Engineer Aurora from crashed Roswell ship. Dec 21st 2012 Baktun: "the end of 13th 400 year era"; but not destruction of the Earth, so to speak.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Though she with giants fights: Mise en scene

Anica is a 17 year old biology student from Tokyo. She was first taken in 1996, and again in 98. It is unclear what the project sees in young Anica, but their tests are conducted with a pressing sense of urgency. The scientists aboard the craft treat her with great care and attention. Anica understands her own importance to these people, perhaps to everyone.

Whilst a part of her knows that she is borne of a greater purpose, Anica just wants what other 17 year olds want: friendship, love, enjoyment. A simpler life than being wanted and needed for scientific purposes. Though she acknowledges this worldly responsibility, Anica is still young. When the time comes for her ascension, will Anica rise and challenge the amassing hoards? Will she protect all of us? Or will she shy away, risking everything for the love of a girl? Such dichotomies are not meant to be answered. Anica has not asked for this power, nor does she desire to use it to fight the giants; but the whole world depends on her.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Though she with giants fights: Tests

Piercing white lights in the corner. Distant voices barely audible through the dreamy lull of whirring machinery, humming movement, repercussive coronary of the speeds at which their unidentifiable craft was travelling; now 300 feet over the cool desert which hung like a scar across the American midwest.

Anica regained snapshots of herself and choked on the tubes which infiltrated her small, trembling mouth. The lights scorched her retinas, and she could not open her eyes. Movement perceived to her right, a dizzy fumbling and a skin tingling stab at her side. The chemicals took hold again: more tests, more tests. Held in the chair aloft 20 feet of creaking noise, and voices of God's spine-crushing thunderstorms in her ears which could take no more. They kept her awake for 32 hours, her senses heightened artificially: wires, electrodes and chemicals.

Anica had not the strength to uplift jarring against them; caught in this ulterior Zen trance and held there, bound like a kite caught tight in a sudden breeze, tethered to a string despite it's inclination to fly fast away and never look back.